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Governor Mike Huckabee - Time Travel Academy videos: Legal Notice...

I'm receiving numerous emails from my customers asking me if Governor Mike Huckabee's Time Travel Academy videos, products and website are connected or related to my Time Travel Academy videos, books, website, products and services.

The answer is NO... This was a year long federal court proceeding that started in early 2011 and was settled in federal court on September of 2012. I filed two lawsuits against his company learnourhistory.com ( Learn Our History L.L.C. ) to stop the intentional trademark infringements...

Here are the links to the public court cases:



They agreed not to use the meta tags: Time Travel Academy- but instead created a mock website at: ( https://learnourhistory.com ) for that purpose... This website was disabled only a few months ago during Jan of 2015; its purpose was to hide the meta tags and redirect customers away from my website to their main website at learnourhistory.com the only difference between the two sites is the:( https:// ).

The Time Travel Academy is a Veteran own - small business established in 2005, its first trademarks were filed in 2006 and the second in 2008. Time Travel Academy is NOT connected to anyone or anything political. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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To all my customers... Thank you.

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Time Travel Kids...

Tagline: Four teenage kids with magical time travel abilities are needed for an intergalactic mission.

Product Description:

Fifteen-year-old James Simmons lives with his parents in Dallas, Texas. James is an Internet artist sensation. He sells pictures on the Internet of mystical and magical worlds and creatures, but what many people don’t realize is that these photos are real. James is a Time Travel Kid. He was born with the ability to open and enlarge subatomic wormholes in a place called the quantum foam. When James discovers that his parents, his girlfriend, and her parents have been taken into custody by the Time Travel Academy, he sets out to rescue them, only to discover that he is needed for an intergalactic mission. Time Travel Kids ™ © 2012 all rights reserved.

Time Travel Wars...

Tagline: Diverting a prehistoric asteroid changes Mars history for the better and the unexpected worse…

Product Description:

When former time traveler John Richards is given draft orders to attend a top-secret mission at the Time Travel Academy, he has no idea that his actions will change the history of Earth as he knows it.

The mission’s objective—to travel three billion years into the past and terraform Mars by diverting a prehistoric asteroid—is successful; Mars develops into an Earthlike planet. Yet no one anticipates Mars developing an advanced civilization of its own in three billion years.

This warlike civilization is bent on destroying Earth to preserve its own existence in this time paradox. John Richards must somehow correct this current timeline, yet there are forces at work in his former timeline to stop him. (Time Travel Wars® © 2009 all rights reserved.)

Time Travel Games...

Tagline: It started out as fun and games…it soon turned into a game of survival.

Product Description:

Fifteen-year-old Zackary Taylor is a student attending the Time Travel Academy whom is about to graduate with honors from the summer program for kids when an accident involving the time machine sends his girlfriend, three friends and three opposing students to the worst disasters in history.

With time running out Zachary sets out to save everyone... to win he must play and beat the Time Travel Games.

Time Travel Games. Copyright 2012 © All rights reserved.


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